How to Get Women Abs

29 Nov

Finding the right abs exercise program can often be either slightly intimidating or just plain frustrating, when you are on a mission and want to know how to get women abs. As if this isn’t a big enough problem of its own, finding time to fit in the women abs workouts into your day is also a concern.

The vast majority of women just want an exercise routine that will trim away those extra pounds, whilst others really want to do exercises to get women abs. Workouts to get defined abs, need to be fairly intense bearing in mind the amount of body fat that most women carry around their mid-sections.

abs for womenAs much as it is a common belief that performing endless amounts of ab exercises will give you fantastic toned and defined abs, this is actually not the case. Abs exercises alone will not give you the abs you want!

You will have to combine a healthy and balanced diet, including lots of lean protein for muscle building, with a regular cardio blast workout performed at least three times per week, and then on top of that, you’ll need to be doing your abs exercises.

Many people also believe that there are abs exercises specifically designed for and aimed at women. Abs workouts are not gender specific, it’s just that men are more able to do abdominal exercises with heavier weights and build their muscles to a larger size than women, generally speaking.

By regular cardio blast workouts, I mean high intensity, interval training to burn the fat.

You can choose which ever cardio you want to do, but to stay lean and reduce your body fat, you will need to do at least three sessions per week of pretty intense cardio workouts, each of between 20 and 30 minutes.

Right, so that’s the fat burn sorted, now you need to concentrate on three sets of 30 minute weight training sessions per week also.

And your diet is sorted too, because you know you need to stick to healthy and lean foods. Protein is needed to help to build your muscles as they repair after the weight training sessions.

In a nut-shell – that’s how to get women abs.

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