Bicep Exercises are Vital to Lose Bingo Wings

29 Nov

Attention Women! Bicep Exercises are Vital to Lose Bingo Wings

This article is about how to lose bingo wings from the backs of the upper arms, and is aimed at educating women.

Bicep exercises are just one method to help you to lose bingo wings, but they need to be combined with a number of other things too.

bicep curlBicep exercises are aimed at toning the bicep muscles which can be found at the front of the upper arms – not the bingo wings I hear you say – but hold on because I haven’t finished yet!

And tricep exercises are aimed at toning the tricep muscles which are at the back of the upper arms – yes exactly in the spot that you will find your bingo wings!

So, combine exercises targeting both the biceps and triceps muscles and you’re part way to discovering how to lose bingo wings. You will also need to add some intensive cardiovascular fat burning exercise into the mix as well – and you’re almost there.

By the way, a few good shoulder exercises wouldn’t go amiss either. In fact, the more exercises the better.

One last thing – your diet. I don’t mean you have to go on a diet and not eat anything, I mean you need to be eating a healthy and well-balanced diet which includes lots of lean protein such as skinless turkey, chicken or fish, some complex carbs such as whole grains and some healthy fats too such as olive oil.

This type of diet is required to help build your muscles after you have trained them with the relevant bicep and tricep exercises.

I would point out here that in order to increase the muscle size, you will need to be using some form of resistance such as weights when you do these exercises. This is what is known as causing stress to your muscles – basically you are damaging the muscle and the muscle fibres then break down.

As they repair (and this is where the protein comes in) they increase in size. And it is both the repair and growth process which requires more energy from the body in the form of calories. And this is where the fat loss comes in – more calories are being used to build and repair muscles, so excess body fat is being burned off in the process.

Bigger muscles require a constant supply of energy even when they are resting, so they will continue to burn fat at all times. What a result – build the muscles in your arm and lose the fat from unwanted places on your body – this has to be the best way to lose bingo wings.

The intensive cardio exercise (also referred to as high intensity interval training) will also help to burn excess body fat – and it continues to do so for many hours after the workout has finished.

To perform the intensive cardio sessions, you could run, cycle, row, swim etc. All of these forms of exercise can be done either in the gym or outdoors and to learn more about the specific technique required, visit

Despite the fact that it is generally women who need to lose bingo wings, this type of exercise can be used to burn fat from any part of the body and can actually be done by both men and women.

Bicep exercises and tricep exercises will help to tone and define the upper arms after the fat has been burned and all of these things will help you on your quest to lose bingo wings.

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