How to Burn Fat Fast

27 Dec how to lose fat fast

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will end up with massive muscles and change into a man if you pick up a weight! It just doesn’t happen like that. But it’s still a fact that many see women’s muscle building training programs as a way of actually losing their femininity.

Nonetheless, a large percentage of women are actually overweight, so surely they’ve already lost their femininity anyway. Excess fat isn’t attractive and it clearly doesn’t help make a woman appear appealing and sexy. I agree that big muscles, as seen on professional women bodybuilders definitely don’t look particularly lady-like. But that look is only acquired through steroid taking. A good muscle building workout program isn’t going to give you that look at all. So don’t start getting worried and freak out, read on you you will see how easy it is to burn fat and lose weight.

how to lose fat fastIt is correct that they may well gain weight on a women’s muscle building workout system, simply because muscle mass weighs more than body fat, but the probabilities of them actually slimming down are higher. Because the weight training triggers muscles to develop, they end up burning more calories than before, even when sleeping. This is why fat loss takes place once you begin weight training.

You can lose weight in your sleep, or seated at a table as long as you have a metabolism high sufficiently to trigger fat loss. The body’s potential to shed weight and keep that weight off is governed by your metabolic rate, or your metabolism – which is actually like a calorie or fat-burning machine within your body. Losing fat and losing weight while at rest is not a delusion. In reality, that is when you are going to get rid of the most body fat if you have your metabolic rate raised.

This is all dependent, needless to say, on the type of diet you eat and how active you are. Diet is vital and cannot be ignored. Calories are required to burn calories, but your body will have a more challenging job to burn calories from unhealthy, fattening foods.

A critical component in shedding weight and cranking up the metabolic rate is overall fitness levels. The fitter you become the more calories you can use in exercising and the more calories from fat your body uses at rest. Anaerobic conditioning along with aerobic work are critical elements of effective workout programs. Performing exercises with weights is primarily anaerobic exercise.

Despite its popularity, aerobic exercise has it limits. In the course of a workout class, fat burning most definitely does occur. But once the session or class is over, the rate at which calories are burned, and metabolic rate, drop quickly. But if you want to continue losing weight long after exercise has finished, for up to 2 days actually, then you should look at High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. If you want to discover the rapid and simple method of triggering significant weight-loss, even while resting, click on the following link:

The Outrageous Cause Why You Are So Fat and What To Do

Fab Arm Toning Exercises For Women

11 Dec tricep exercises

tricep exercisesToned and defined upper arms can look so sexy on women. Arm toning exercises for women are the answer!

If you seriously want to know how to tone and define your arms, arm workouts are the answer.

You will need to include in your workout, exercises for both your biceps and your triceps.

But never fear, no amount of arm toning exercises for women involving weights, will ever give you a set of huge masculine bulging biceps, unless you are taking protein supplements and steroids as well as using unbelievably heavy weights!

Women just don’t have enough of the specific hormones required to build huge muscles, so all you will do is build nice neat lean muscles, which in turn will burn energy in the form of calories, and ultimately burn fat from unwanted places on your body.

The bicep curl is an exercise which will work the bicep muscle through its entire range of motion, so it is one of the very best arm toning exercises for women.

  • Start by taking a dumbbell in both hands, and arms at your sides with the palms of your hands facing your body.
  • As you bend one elbow, rotate the palm of that hand to face upwards just before the forearm becomes parallel with the floor. Be careful not to raise the dumbbell too high as this can force your elbow to rise and will place the load onto the front of your shoulder instead of your upper arm
  • Lower the dumbbell back down to your side slowly.
  • Repeat with the other arm, and continue alternating arms.
  • Try to do 2 sets, each of 10 – 12 repetitions.
  • And try to do this 2 -3 times each week.

This barbell exercise (as shown in the image below) is an absolutely amazing arm toning exercise for women, but obviously most likely needs to be performed at your gym because not so many of us have barbells lying around at home.

Bicep exercises that put more emphasis on the inner part of the biceps will tone and define and give such a great shape to your upper arm.

  • Start by standing with your back straight and holding the barbell an underhand grip.
  • Contract your glutes and abs for added stability.
  • Exhale as you raise the barbell.
  • And inhale as you lower the barbell.
  • Try to complete 3 sets, of between 10-12 reps, but if you are totally new to this – you could attempt just 2 sets to begin with.

Discover the best triceps exercises women can do to get rid of bingo wings fast, along with many other arm toning exercises for women too.

Fat Loss Advantages Through Weight Training

11 Dec

Unless you are using steroid drugs you won’t acquire the female bodybuilder appearance so don’t freak out imagining that performing exercises with weights is likely to make you butch and masculine. Nevertheless it’s still the case that many see women’s muscle building as a way of actually losing their femininity.

But surely it is excessive weight that is the real enemy of femininity – not enormous muscles that are rarely seen on women. Fat isn’t attractive and it certainly doesn’t help to make a woman appear desirable and sexy. Again, it is a fact that large muscles don’t make a woman look feminine either, but women don’t have to produce large muscles just because they are on a muscle building workout program.

Gaining weight on a woman’s muscle building program can happen, but the small amount of muscle tissue gained, is generally dwarfed by the fat reduction that occurs. This is mainly because larger and stronger muscles demand extra energy in the form of calories – ultimately building muscle helps to take care of fat loss and allows the body to burn surplus fat.

The difference between success and failure when it comes to dieting is knowing how the metabolism functions, and compelling it to maximize the rate at which it uses up unwanted weight. So, the higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn off, even when your body is relaxing or asleep. Burning fat and losing weight while at rest is definitely not a falacy. In fact, that is when you are going to get rid of the most body fat if you have your metabolic rate raised.

This is all based, naturally, on the type of diet you eat and how active you are. Food regimen is essential and cannot be forgotten about. Calories are required to burn calories, but your body will have a more difficult job to burn calories from unhealthy, fattening foods.

A critical element in reducing your weight and cranking up the metabolic rate is overall physical fitness levels. The fitter you become the more calories you can use in exercising and the more calories your body makes use of resting. Cardiovascular and resistance training exercises are crucial components of any successful exercise program. Resistance training with weights is primarily anaerobic. Aerobic exercise will burn off calories, but when the exercise session is done, your metabolism will decrease, mainly because the body will only burn extra calories as you are training. But if you want to carry on burning fat long after physical exercise has finished, for up to 2 days actually, then you should look at High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. If you want to figure out the swift and very simple method of triggering substantial weight reduction, even while resting, go to as soon as you can to get hold of more information on HIIT.

Is Surgery an Option to Lose Body Fat?

29 Nov nutrition

nutritionI don’t condone the easy option of cosmetic surgery to lose excess body fat, but some people find that it is absolutely impossible to lose that extra layer of fat all by themselves.

Yes, a good healthy diet will help and yes lots of fat burning exercises such as high intensity interval training and strength training exercises will certainly build the muscle and ultimately burn the fat off. But will it burn it all off?

Maybe cosmetic surgery is for you. Maybe liposuction or liposuction alternatives such as the non-invasive mesotherapy or LipoDissolve methods are more appealing.

Never use these as a means of losing weight, because a reputable surgeon wouldn’t agree to that anyway, but just as a means of taking off that stubborn extra layer of body fat that just won’t shift regardless of how much exercise you do.

Avoid These Exercise Myths to Stay Slim or Lose Fat

29 Nov stay slim or lose fat

There are many myths surrounding losing excess body fat and even stomach exercises – actually with regard exercising in general.

And because many people don’t get the results that they want from exercise, they sometimes resort to cosmetic surgery for the removal of their excess fat. Liposuction and other such methods are invasive and not really necessary but it is important to understand the myths surrounding exercise and losing fat before you can make a decision about whether you are exercising correctly and want to continue with this natural route of losing fat and staying slim or whether you want to investigate cosmetic surgery and whether that is a realistic alternative for you.

The most common ones are as follows:

stay slim or lose fatSpot Toning is a Myth

Spot toning basically means that you will be doing lots of exercises to work an individual part of the body in a drastic attempt to lose fat from that area.

This is a total myth – you simply cannot lose fat from one particular part of the body by simply training and exercising alone. It just does not work that way.

In order to lose fat from a specific area of your body you will have to lose fat from all over your body and targeting the stomach muscles with hundreds of stomach crunches will just increase the size of the muscles but will actually do very little to reduce the layer of fat that covers those muscles.

A combination of cardiovascular exercise and a good healthy diet will help to increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories than you actually consume in order to get rid of that layer of fat.

Eat All You Want and Exercise It Off is a Myth

Many people believe that if they eat everything they fancy and then do lots of stomach crunches, they will burn off all of the calories that they have consumed throughout the day. This is a total myth.

You may well get toned abdominal muscles this way, but you will never be able to see them unless you reduce your overall calorie intake.

Lots of Stomach Crunches to Exercise Your Abs Is a Myth

Lots of individuals believe that the correct stomach or abdominal workout is to perform a minimum of 100 stomach crunches – extra fast one after the other – to get it over and done with. This is definitely not the best way to improve muscular definition.

Slow and controlled crunches are much more effective. And performing three sets of maybe 20 – 25 good quality crunches will be a lot more beneficial than doing even 200 or 300 the wrong way and too quickly.

Gaining Weight is Inevitable as you Get Older is a Myth

The only reason that we all seem to gain weight as we get older is purely because we have less energy, and as such we reduce our levels of physical activity, thus lowering our metabolic rate. This reduction in our metabolism is caused by the loss of muscle mass, so it’s actually a bit of a cycle that increases our weight.

Less energy = less exercise = less lean muscle mass = lower metabolism = weight gain!

However, it is possible to reverse or prevent this process by simply exercising even as little as just 30 minutes three times each week.

Strength Training or Muscle Building Will Make Women Too Muscular is a Myth

The vast majority of women are scared that this type of training will give the huge muscles, believing that strength training is for men only. Again, this is a myth.

It is harder for women to build muscle mass because they have much lower levels of testosterone. To end up with bulky muscles, a woman would need to be taking either steroids or supplements.

However, it is of benefit to women to do some strength training in their workouts because they physically have less muscle and bone than men, and as they are at a greater risk of osteoporosis than men, they need to take care of their bodies. Muscle wastage ultimately puts women at a far greater risk of osteoporosis as they get older.

Build Lean Muscle! Women Burn Fat Fast with Buttocks Exercises

29 Nov step ups

Not only do women nowadays want a quick method to burn fat, but a growing interest is in the size of their butts. If you are after fast results in both of these, then you would do well to follow bigger butt workouts and in the process, discover how to build lean muscle. Women want fast results and a really quick and effective method to burn fat is to build lean muscle.

Women not only want bigger buttocks, but they want them to look toned as well.

step upsThe muscles in the buttocks are two of the biggest muscles in the human body so by building these muscles up following bigger butt workouts, not only do you get the butt of your dreams, but you also burn fat in the process.Buttocks exercises seem to have become very popular recently – possibly due to the fact that celebrities like J-Lo and Beyonce have bigger and more voluptuous butts than most and have made them positively fashionable and definitely desirable.

Indeed, if you look in any magazine or check out any fitness website, you will find information focusing on the latest workout to make your butt bigger.

To choose an effective workout from the many bigger butt workouts however is a different matter entirely.

After doing my research on the internet, I have found an awful lot of information about how to get a bigger butt with this workout or how to get a bigger butt with that diet, etc. and I genuinely believe that what I have been reading is utter nonsense!

Butt Workouts You Should NOT Do!

So many of these so called workouts that will make your butt bigger, are telling you to tense your buttocks together and hold for a few seconds and repeat, and that this simple procedure will get you the results you are after. Ha! It won’t!

In order to get a bigger butt and build lean muscle, women are told to simply tense their buttocks together – this will most likely take you forever and a day! And I am not joking! So no doubt you will have given up long before you see any results.

If you want to choose choose some really effective bigger butt workouts, then you need to be looking at any form of exercise that targets the gluteus maximus muscles and which involves using resistance – preferably in the form of weights.

Strength or weight training will put stress on your muscles to the extent that it will basically damage them. But that’s not a bad thing – damage basically causes the muscle fibres to break down as a result of this stress, and then as the body helps them to repair, they grow and increase in size.

For the repair process, you should be aware that your body and the muscles themselves will need a good supply of lean protein and complex carbohydrates too. So exercising your butt with one of the best bigger butt workouts alone is simply not enough. Fuel in the form of healthy food is also required for repair and growth.

So, to choose an effective bigger butt workout, forget tensing your buttock muscles and choose a workout that involves the use of weights and I guarantee you will build lean muscle.

Bicep Exercises are Vital to Lose Bingo Wings

29 Nov bicep curl

Attention Women! Bicep Exercises are Vital to Lose Bingo Wings

This article is about how to lose bingo wings from the backs of the upper arms, and is aimed at educating women.

Bicep exercises are just one method to help you to lose bingo wings, but they need to be combined with a number of other things too.

bicep curlBicep exercises are aimed at toning the bicep muscles which can be found at the front of the upper arms – not the bingo wings I hear you say – but hold on because I haven’t finished yet!

And tricep exercises are aimed at toning the tricep muscles which are at the back of the upper arms – yes exactly in the spot that you will find your bingo wings!

So, combine exercises targeting both the biceps and triceps muscles and you’re part way to discovering how to lose bingo wings. You will also need to add some intensive cardiovascular fat burning exercise into the mix as well – and you’re almost there.

By the way, a few good shoulder exercises wouldn’t go amiss either. In fact, the more exercises the better.

One last thing – your diet. I don’t mean you have to go on a diet and not eat anything, I mean you need to be eating a healthy and well-balanced diet which includes lots of lean protein such as skinless turkey, chicken or fish, some complex carbs such as whole grains and some healthy fats too such as olive oil.

This type of diet is required to help build your muscles after you have trained them with the relevant bicep and tricep exercises.

I would point out here that in order to increase the muscle size, you will need to be using some form of resistance such as weights when you do these exercises. This is what is known as causing stress to your muscles – basically you are damaging the muscle and the muscle fibres then break down.

As they repair (and this is where the protein comes in) they increase in size. And it is both the repair and growth process which requires more energy from the body in the form of calories. And this is where the fat loss comes in – more calories are being used to build and repair muscles, so excess body fat is being burned off in the process.

Bigger muscles require a constant supply of energy even when they are resting, so they will continue to burn fat at all times. What a result – build the muscles in your arm and lose the fat from unwanted places on your body – this has to be the best way to lose bingo wings.

The intensive cardio exercise (also referred to as high intensity interval training) will also help to burn excess body fat – and it continues to do so for many hours after the workout has finished.

To perform the intensive cardio sessions, you could run, cycle, row, swim etc. All of these forms of exercise can be done either in the gym or outdoors and to learn more about the specific technique required, visit

Despite the fact that it is generally women who need to lose bingo wings, this type of exercise can be used to burn fat from any part of the body and can actually be done by both men and women.

Bicep exercises and tricep exercises will help to tone and define the upper arms after the fat has been burned and all of these things will help you on your quest to lose bingo wings.